Destructor de submarinos con cargas de profundidad

Destructor de submarinos con cargas de profundidad

En este juego debes destruir submarinos enemigos a base de soltar cargas de profundidad contra ellos, antes de que torpedeen tu barco. Para esta misión no estarás solo, un pequeño pez será tu aliado. No lo subestimes !


The goal of Sub Hunter is to hunt as many submarines as possible by dropping them depth charges before they can sink your own ship. But don't worry, you are not alone, you have a trusty little fish on your side! Space: Drop depth charge N: Drop nuke depth charge B: Full speed ahead! F1: Help / Pause Mouse: Move your fishy little helper to collect power ups and to push torpedoes away from you (this game is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan)


mousecontrol + arrows