Las monedas de la suerte

Las monedas de la suerte

Las monedas de la suerte, es un juego que pertenece al genero de Juegos de Azar y Casino, concretamente a los juegos de tipo pachinko. Juego muy popular en japón. Juego apto para cualquier edad.


1: Drop the coin with the Mouse button or Ctrl key. 2: Bumpers work just like in a pinball machine. They bounce your coin around and increase your score. 3: Magnets will trap the coin. Hit the Mouse button or Ctrl key to launch the coin again in the indicated direction. 4: Collect pickups to increase your score. Small stars are worth 25 points and large stars 50. Horse shoes, four leaf clovers and lucky sevens are worth 100 points! Tip: Although hard to accomplish, try to make you coin fall into the highest valued slot at the bottom of the stages.


mousecontrol + arrows